Carpet 5577 GRAY D.067

Carpet 5577 GRAY D.067

The ELITE DE LUXE collection of MADI homeware "feels like home" is filled with embossed rugs and designs with an imaginative style, ideal if you wish to give a different touch of decoration to your personal spaces. The combination of the classic design with the modern line, diversify and upgrade your environment, while the combination of gray and cream colors achieve the connection of the carpets with all kinds of furniture and objects found in your space.
You can find the carpets of the ELITE DE LUXE Collection in the following dimensions:

  • 133x190 cm
    The 133x190 carpet dimension is ideal for covering small and confined spaces. The dimension 133x190 is most often chosen for the bedroom, a smaller living room or living room.
  • 160x230 cm
    The 160x230 carpet dimension is ideal for covering most spaces as it is the middle solution between a small and a large carpet!. Often, the 160x230 dimension is chosen for the living room, living room or bedroom.
  • 200x250 cm
    The 200x250 carpet dimension is the largest dimension available to cover your personal spaces. Usually, the 200x250 dimension is chosen for a large living room or living room.
  • Bedroom Set
    The bedroom set consists of 2 mats with a length of 140 cm and a runner with a length of 230 cm. The width of each mat and correspondingly of the corridor is either 67 or 70 cm. The bedroom set dimension is placed in the bedroom, forming the familiar "P".
  • Corridor 67 cm
    The 67cm (in width) aisle is ideal for covering narrow spaces where carpeting is not feasible. The 67 cm treadmill is recommended to be placed in narrow interior corridors, in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

"Design is thinking made visual."

DimensionΔιάδρομος 67 εκ.
SeasonΚαλοκαιρινά χαλιά
Pile Height5 χιλιοστά
Weight1.5 kg/m²
String QualityPET
from 28.00€
Immediate receipt / Delivery 1 to 3 days

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