Carpet FOREST GRAY 130x190

Carpet FOREST GRAY 130x190

Based on the latest fashion trends, the SELVA summer wicker rug collection will decorate your favorite interiors with tropical elements! The SELVA Collection by MADI homeware "feels like home" is a design inspired by tropical forests, with exotic leaves, fruits and animals starring in each rug! Pair your brand new SELVA rugs with throws and decorative pillows from the WILDLIFE Collection, also based on wildlife!
You can find the SELVA Collection carpets in the following dimensions:

  • 130 x 190 cm.
    The 130 x 190 cm carpet dimension is ideal for covering small and confined spaces. The dimension 130 x 190 cm is most often chosen for the bedroom, a smaller living room or living room.
  • 160 x 230 cm.
    The 160 x 230 carpet dimension is ideal for covering most spaces as it is the middle solution between a small and a large carpet!. Often, the dimension 160 x 230 cm is chosen for the sitting room, living room or bedroom.
  • 190 x 240 cm.
    The carpet dimension 190 x 240 cm covers larger spaces. Most often, the 190 x 240 cm dimension is chosen for the living room, the living room or a larger bedroom.
  • 67 x 250 cm
    The 67 cm wide and 250 cm long corridor is ideal for narrow corridors, without particularly many meters in length.
  • 67 x 300 cm
    The 67 cm wide and 300 cm long corridor is ideal for narrow wide corridors, several meters long.
  • 67 x 400 cm
    The 67 cm wide and 400 cm long corridor is ideal for narrow corridors, with many meters of length though!

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you .”

Dimension130 x 190 εκ.
SeasonΚαλοκαιρινά χαλιά
Pile Height4 χιλιοστά
Weight1.5 kg/m²
String QualityPP
from 58.00€
Immediate receipt / Delivery 1 to 3 days

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